9 Ways to Become a Trustworthy Brand

9 Ways to Become a Trustworthy Brand

Harvard Business School reported that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, about 25% of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) who responded to an Interactive Advertising Bureau survey had halted all paid marketing efforts in fear of negative publicity.

Now is when your brand matters most!

According to a McGraw-Hill research study, sales of companies that were aggressive recession advertisers had risen 256% over those that didn’t keep up their advertising. Instead of cutting off communication with your customers, recommit to your values and reevaluate the market. Not sure where to start? Start with Propr’s Six Ways to Advertise Wisely During a Recession, download our free Tactical Guide Workbook and embrace the following nine ways to become a trustworthy brand.

“A brand is simply trust.” – Steve Jobs

1. Do. Don’t Just Talk

Put your money where your mouth is. Be actively involved with something your brad and customers value and call attention to those on the front line.

2. Stay Engaged

Don’t let them forget about you. Customers want real communicating, not selling (but this helps sell). Highlight your values and how they come to life during a crisis.

3. Be Human

Acknowledge the situation and express empathy. Humanity will win the day, take advantage of the opportunity.

4. Show Leadership

Own mistakes–fast. Reassure your customers and tell them what they want and need to hear. Manage layoffs properly; They will impact your brand and reputation.

5. Be Smart

Use data, human insights, and sensitivity to navigate your brand through this storm best.

6. Be Agile

Adjust your tone and don’t add to the noise. Think digital-first with your marketing.

7. Be Transparent

Reassure your audience you’ll power through this and weather the storm, and be clear how you’re getting by and surviving.

8. Be Genuine

Consumers may forget the details of their last interaction with your brand, but they will always remember how it made them feel.

9. Look to Your WHY

Focus on your brand’s WHY, not your products or services. Things will change, so let you WHY guide your trustworthy brand into the future.


Time to reevaluate your strategy and do things the right way. Download Propr's free Tactical Guide Workbook

Download Part 2: Tactical Guide For Marketing and Advertising During A Recession

By: Bobby G


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