Confidently Lead with a Solid Brand Strategy

Propr Branding Bootcamp

[Due to the pandemic, in-person Branding Bootcamps are postponed until we can safely gather again]

Are you struggling to focus your brand message and align your business strategy with customer experience? Join us for a one-day branding Bootcamp with Propr’s greatest minds.

Find your brand focus fast! Our intimate Branding Bootcamp delivers fantastic results through fun and clarifying exercises and intelligent dialogue. You’ll benefit from practical and instantly usable ideas that will help you attract better customers, command a better price, close sales more quickly, reduce marketing costs, and increase your company’s value.

Our Brand Bootcamp will help your team:

  • Articulate and focus your core message
  • Differentiate your brand position
  • Detail unifying core values
  • Draft your tone & personality
  • Define & empathize with your audiences
  • …And much more

Investing in your Brand, when done correctly, will yield incredible results. If you’re ready to unleash your Brand’s potential, the Propr Branding Bootcamp is for you.

Go beyond your logo or identity.

Your brand is your reputation. It is the collective result of your story, logo, message, products, culture, employee behavior, and your campaigns. Don’t leave it to chance or inconsistency. The Propr Branding Bootcamp will help you devise courses of action that will change the existing conditions into preferred ones to achieve the results you desire.

Find your brand’s soul.

We think of the soul as comprising the abilities of a living being: reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, and thinking. Your brand also needs to encompass all of these abilities.

Be clear, concise, and consistent.

In a noisy world, your message must be clear and concise. Inconsistencies in design, messaging, behavior, tone, and culture negatively impact your brand. Consistency carries your business’ legacy unchanging from start-up to maturity.

Lead your team.

Imagine taking your clear message to a bigger, more attractive audience. The Branding Bootcamp will help you lead a more prosperous and fulfilling business. Unleash your potential by unlocking the power of your brand with a solid brand strategy and practical ideas that will grow authentic customer loyalty and business growth.

Join us for an immersive virtual Bootcamp that will lay the foundation for a successful brand and sustainable growth.


“The branding process with Propr was a fantastic experience and it’s worth every dollar and more to know and live your brand.”

Stephanie Mellinger
President, The Mellinger Group

Unlock Your Potential

What’s Included in the Bootcamp?

Get ready for a fully immersive virtual Bootcamp led by Propr’s founder and branding guru, Bobby G. First, we’ll embark on an in-depth review of your business and engage in a step-by-step process to find your brand’s soul. Your day is filled with enthusiastic discussions, thought-provoking exercises, and practical ideas to position your brand as different and better. The outcome is a value-packed brand foundation and success roadmap document to help unleash your potential.

  • Assets Review
  • Online Group Workshop
  • Fun Branding Exercises
  • Practical Outcomes
  • Post-Workshop Opportunities

Who’s Best Suited for the Bootcamp?

The Propr Branding Bootcamp is perfect for entrepreneurs and leaders of startups and smaller businesses ready to shoot for the moon. If you’re struggling with how to make your brand stand out, and ready to rise above the status quo in your industry, this workshop is for you. This will be an intimate group of fellow entrepreneurs that allows for engaging conversation and collaboration.

  • Be a Better Leader
  • Clearly Deliver Your Message
  • Confirm the Brand’s Credibility in the Marketplace
  • Emotionally Connect Target Prospects with Your Product or Service
  • Motivate the Buyer to Make a Purchase
  • Create Customer Loyalty
  • Be Consistent
  • Unleash Your Brand’s Potential

What to Expect

Part 1: AM

Find Your Brand’s Soul and Build Your Brand Foundation

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Build Your Brand Foundation:
  • Core Values, Brand Message, Brand Personality, Most Valuable Customer (MVC)

Part 2: PM

Make More Meaningful Connections and Empathize with Your Audience

  • Overview
  • Empathy Mapping Exercise:
    Pains & Gains of Your Influencers, Decisions Makers, Champions, Peers, Talent
  • Communication Opportunities:
    Growth Opportunities; Communication Channels, Vehicles, Assets, Plan of Action
  • Q&A

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