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Propr Design was founded in 2014 by Bob Gillespie, award-winning creative director and brand strategist. Reared on the streets of Philly, schooled in the universities of the mid-Atlantic, and seasoned in the board rooms of agencies and businesses alike, Bobby G created Propr, an agency built on a gritty work ethic and innovative ideas that deliver unmatched results.

Delivering unmatched results to businesses across the nation

Designed for Results

“It’s all about results” is our mantra, and this allows us to satiate our ravenously curious nature. We want to learn everything about you, your business, industry, and audience. Our approach focuses on fixing the cause of your problem, not the symptoms. And our process helps our clients be better leaders and more confidently prepared for the growth and results we deliver.

Bobby G

“I founded Propr to be a better strategic agency focused on bringing measurable results to our clients. Dedication to our people and our clients’ best interests makes us a better choice. Our process and results make us the best choice.”

What We Do

Branding Strategy

Insights & Research
Your “Why”
Messaging & Tone
Core Values
Brand Manifesto
Brand Architecture

Brand Design

Brand Identity
Product Design
UI Design
Event Design

Brand Marketing

Marketing Strategy
Digital Strategy
Content Strategy
UX Design
Web Development
Content Creation
Social Media

Awards for Propr

  • Best Branding Agency Baltimore 2020 Expertise Badge
  • Best Digital Marketing Agency Baltimore 2020 Expertise Badge
  • Regional Gold ADDY Badge
  • District Gold ADDY Banner
  • Best Branding Agency Baltimore 2019 Expertise Badge
  • Top Marketing Agency Baltimore 2019 Clutch Badge
  • Top SEOs Best in Search SEO Badge
  • DesignRush Top Branding Agency
Bobby G Outside Propr
Bobby G Giving a Presentation

Why Choose Propr

We know the value of integrating brand strategy with design and marketing. Our team is passionate about busting their ass to make a difference for our clients. We are smart, sometimes irreverent, and we never take ourselves too seriously. We don’t just make pretty websites and good looking brands, we produce tools and plans that get our clients the results and outcomes they desire.

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