Farm-made Craft Brewery Invest in Brand Building

Dallastown, Pa., craft brewery with a thriving restaurant and wedding venue business. It has products in local retail outlets and a mature distribution network that serves nine states and the District of Columbia. Unsure exactly how to stimulate growth in an increasingly congested market, the brewery’s owner, Steve Grott, turned to Propr Design to unify the company and activate it with the branding and tools needed for growth.

Wyndridge Farm Brewing


Brand Strategy
Logo & Identity Design
Labels & Packaging Design
Custom Illustrations
Custom Iconography
Product Naming

Point of Sale
Posters & Sales Sheets
Digital & Print Collateral
Displays & Environmental
Promotional Materials
SMS Campaigns

Social Media Graphics
Untappd Graphics
Sales Presentations
On & Off-premise creative

Rebranding is a dirty word at Propr. It is expensive, time intensive, and overwhelming for clients. If it flops,
the business impact can be devastating.

Propr preaches a philosophy of brand evolution—gradual improvements that mature existing design equity. For Wyndridge, this meant staying true to their farm-crafted roots while creating new and enticing packaging that gives each beverage a unique look.

The evolution began with new packaging for the Hunt Series, a collection of seasonally flavored beers and ciders which Wyndridge was in the process of moving from bottles to cans. The project included posters, sell sheets, and other collateral items to promote the product.